My name is Kathleen, Dave’s daughter, and I have also come to love wine. I owe my interest in wine to my parents and their interest in wine for if they would have not exposed me to it, I would not have come to love it as I do today.

This concept — exposure — is an intriguing one. Recently I took a trip to a very prestigious university on the East coast to visit a few friends in grad school. I love the university setting and found myself amazed at the  evidence of famous philosophers, politicians, artists, etc across campus in the form of books from the 15th century, relics from ancient worlds, and much more. I wondered – how did these people end up to be the most well known in their fields and how did they all coincidentally attend this top school?

Exposure. Exposure to the appropriate colleagues, network, resources, and experiences.

Don’t get me wrong – I love wine and wine culture – but I am at the beginning of my journey with wine. The last time we were in California wine country, I asked the person facilitating our tasting how she learned so much about wine and developed her palate. While our lives had been drastically different (she grew up in wine country), her advice to me was “Just keep tasting.”  What she was really saying was “Keep exposing yourself to many types of wine.”

Exposure. Whether someone exposes something to you or you expose yourself to something, it is undoubtedly one of the most important things in life for expanding your knowledge, challenging yourself, and of course, appreciating phenomenal wine.

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3 responses to “Exposure

  1. This blog post makes me happy that I have been exposed to your family of wine experts. Also inspires me to make/taste different types of wine other than just Merlot (Favorite!).

  2. Kathleen, thanks for introducing me to this blog 🙂 I have a question: What is the taste difference between wines from French Oak versus American Oak barrels?

  3. Hi McKenzie — Thanks for the question and sorry for the delay in our response. We did an American vs French Oak taste test — read the response in the next blog post or go to the link below!


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